How to Clean Each Room of the House During the Coronavirus Pandemic

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After the rapid spread of COVID-19 and the introduction of safety precautions worldwide, the importance of proper hygiene cannot be emphasized enough. Unsurprisingly, homeowners all over the world are concerned about the possibility of contamination at home. Especially worrying is the fact that coronavirus can live on hard surfaces for several days. 

However, the good news is that there are reliable ways to keep your home free from coronavirus. If the virus is found on household items, it can be efficiently wiped out before a healthy person contracts it. Therefore, disinfecting every room of your home thoroughly is a must, whether you do it on your own or hire the help of professionals in the field: Charlotte house cleaners. 

Coronavirus Cleaning: Room-by-Room Guide

Although people are most likely to contract COVID-19 by coming into contact with an infected person and breathing in their respiratory droplets, research shows that the virus can live on hard surfaces for as long as five days. This means that deep, detailed cleaning is the surest way to drive the virus out of your home. Before you roll up your sleeves and get down to business, here is a room-by-room rundown of tasks to tackle. It will help you work out a cleaning checklist during the coronavirus pandemic.

How to clean the living room?

Considering that the living room is the area of the house where most people spend the majority of their time, its cleanliness should be taken very seriously. Light switches, door handles and remote controls are at the top of the list of most touched household objects, so disinfect them every chance you get. The lifespan of the virus on wooden furniture can be as long as 4 days, so wipe them down too. 

How to clean the kitchen?

Kitchens are notorious for being hotbeds for bacteria and viruses. You want to keep yours spotless at all times in order to prevent foodborne illness. On the bright side, coronaviruses, the group of pathogens which COVID-19 belongs to, don’t seem to be transmitted through food. However, they do have the ability to stay alive for days on metal, wood and ceramic surfaces, such as your countertops, sink and faucet. So, pay close attention to these high-touch areas when you clean.

How to clean the bathroom?

The warm and damp conditions of your bathroom promote the accumulation of dangerous pathogens, so it’s imperative to disinfect it regularly. When it comes to preventing the transmission of coronavirus, focus on disinfecting the surfaces you handle the most. For most people, this is the shower, the faucet and the toilet handle.

How to clean the bedroom?

Just like the ones in other rooms of the house, bedroom surfaces, such as shelves, night stands and door handles require lots of upkeep during the pandemic. Thankfully, linen, carpets and curtains are thought to be less hospitable environments for the virus, so its lifespan on these fabrics is much shorter than on hard materials. 

Who are the most reliable Charlotte house cleaners?

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