How Can You Disinfect Your Home Efficiently?

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The protection of your family’s health and well-being is vital, especially during the coronavirus pandemic. Hand washing and the use of protective masks are strongly advised. Except for practising proper personal hygiene and taking recommended safety measures, sanitizing your residence is a necessary precaution for keeping the virus at bay. 

Many homeowners hire cleaning specialists, who are skilled at deep cleaning and disinfection. You can make sure health hazards are eliminated from your home by booking trustworthy house cleaning in Charlotte. Also, read on to learn about the best methods for home disinfection that you can apply yourself. Stick to a regular cleaning schedule to curb the spread of the virus.


How do you disinfect your house from viruses?

Although a lot is yet to be discovered about Coronavirus (COVID-19), we now know that it is commonly contracted through close personal contact. However, the virus is also known to stay alive for days on hard surfaces. This is especially risky when the virus finds its way to a high-touch area, such as a door handle. A healthy person can then touch it and get the infection. This is why it’s crucial to find out how to clean each room during the coronavirus pandemic:

  • Protect yourself: Put on disposable gloves before you start cleaning. Wash your hands as soon as you take them off.
  • Clean: If there is dust or dirt on the surface, wipe it down with detergent and water before using a disinfectant.
  • Disinfect: Buy an EPA-registered product that can be used to fight viruses. Read the labels to learn how to use them to maximum effect and pay attention to dwell time, which is how long the disinfectant needs to stay wet on a surface in order to kill bacteria or viruses. Diluted bleach could also be used for disinfection. Mix 4 teaspoons of bleach with 4 cups of water to make a bleach solution. Ensure proper ventilation when using bleach. Never apply it undiluted.

Use these simple tips and figure out the best cleaning schedule to steer clear of coronavirus, as well as other household pathogens.

How long do viruses live on bedding?

Similarly to COVID-19, the flu virus has a shorter lifespan on fabrics than on hard surfaces. This is probably due to the fact that fabrics are more porous than metals, ceramics or plastics. Research has shown that the influenza virus is able to survive on fabrics for 8 to 12 hours. Your bedding can be successfully disinfected by running your washing machine with bleach. Also, you should run it at the highest temperature, which will kill off the last traces of a virus.

How often should you disinfect your house?

It’s advisable to perform the tasks that deep cleaning entails as frequently as possible. Even if everyone in your household is healthy and you hardly ever go out, your home should still be sanitized often. The exact frequency of disinfection depends on several factors, such as whether a family member is at high risk of infection, whether one of you works outside of the house and how often you go out. 


Where do I find dependable house cleaning in Charlotte?

Although you’d love to marvel at the exhibits at Bechtler Museum of Modern Art, for now it’s better to limit social contacts and prevent potential exposure to the virus. While you spend most of your time at home, take great care of the cleanliness of your residence. You can achieve it effortlessly by hiring a team of expert cleaners. 

Whystle is a matchless cleaning agency which Charlotte locals can’t do without. Whenever you require thorough disinfection and pristine hygiene, we are the people for the job. You can contact us quickly and easily. Don’t settle for less than impeccable cleanliness!

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