Who Is Responsible for Office Cleaning?

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If you ask your average business person,Who is responsible for cleanliness within the workplace an ideal workspace is streamlined, organized and inviting. Such an office provides the perfect backdrop for business triumphs. However, piles of discarded paper don’t simply pick themselves up, nor does your beloved office coffee machine clean itself. In order to keep your workplace sparkling, you need to know how to encourage your employees to maintain office cleanliness.

Beside this, it would be a great idea to hire a Charlotte commercial cleaning service to keep the hygiene of the office in check. Reputable cleaning professionals offer a tailor-made approach to cleaning tasks so that your office gets exactly what it needs. Once you get germs and dirt out of the way, your team will be able to fully focus on your business operations.

Who is responsible for cleanliness within the workplace?

If you’re aware that the cleanliness of your office influences your business, you know that hygiene should always be your first concern. Read on to discover who is in charge of office cleanliness and who should solve hygiene problems in the workplace.

Individual workstations

It is a given that hand-washing and other hygienic practices should be a part of everyone’s daily life. Apart from taking care of personal hygiene, your staff should also keep their own workstations tidy and sanitary. Whether they have their own office, cubicle or a shared desk, proper hygiene improves productivity and protects the team’s health, preventing the spread of flu. On top of this, it makes a favorable impression on clients who visit the office.

Other parts of the office

The general upkeep of the office as a whole is, first and foremost, the duty of the employer. Working in safe and sanitary conditions is what every worker is entitled to, so meeting these criteria should be the employer’s priority. You are required to:

  • Put a workplace hygiene policy into practice
  • Eliminate health hazards and injury risks by providing personal protective equipment
  • Supply the office with necessary items, such as soap, hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes
  • Take special care of the office restrooms and kitchen, as they are prone to germ accumulation
  • Hire an expert cleaning service to perform regular cleaning and disinfection

How do you motivate employees to keep the office clean?

Even though the bulk of responsibility falls on the employer, each employee should also behave hygienically in the common area. For example, everyone should clean up after themselves, use bins to dispose of trash etc. Here is how to get your staff to adopt good hygiene habits:

  • Implement a hygiene policy: Your employees should be clearly informed about what the basic hygienic practices at the office are.
  • Offer a stimulating incentive: A system of rewards is both motivating and exciting, as it introduces an element of competition.
  • Ensure sufficient storage space: Your team should have plenty of shelving, filing cabinets and drawers at their disposal.
  • Make a schedule: A schedule of cleaning duties can be very helpful in balancing what and how much each team member should do.

Where can I find a reliable Charlotte commercial cleaning service?

How do you motivate employees to keep the office cleanAlthough your team’s duty is to organize their workstations and follow hygienic practices in general, they cannot be expected to perform heavy-duty cleaning. These important tasks are best allocated to a trustworthy cleaning service. If you book Whystle’s top-quality cleaning, you’ll know that your office space is in good hands.

Our experienced cleaning technicians personalize the service to fit your individual requirements. With our tried and tested methods, your commercial space will always be in great shape. Put us in charge of cleaning while you’re breathing in the fresh air in Reedy Creek Park. Your business will thank you!