How to Keep a Dental Office Clean

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Where do I get great coworking space cleaning in CharlotteThe health crisis brought on by the outbreak of the novel coronavirus has made people wary of seeking medical attention, including dental care. The fact that dental procedures inevitably involve close contact of doctor and patient, many have been putting off their check-ups or even ignoring glaring signs of dental problems.

As a dentist, it is a part of your job to inspire your patients’ trust. Although hygiene has always been the staple of every reputable dental practice, knowing how to maintain the cleanliness of your dental office is now absolutely essential. A dental office cleaning service in Charlotte can take good care of your space. This is how you’ll encourage patients to book their long postponed dental appointments.

How do you clean a dental office?

The coronavirus pandemic has taken its toll on dentistry, as more patients feel uneasy about the possibility of infection. You already work hard to ensure your patients’ health and well-being, but is there a way to improve their safety even further? Here is what to bear in mind as a dental assistant:

  • Keep track of recent developments: Upgrade your sterilization methods so that they’re in accordance with health authorities’ current recommendations. Separate the sterile and the non-sterile area clearly. Write your procedures down step-by-step and put them up as a reminder.
  • Don’t let your guard down: The disinfection of the operatory must be conducted carefully every single time. No rush, no compromise and no missed spots. Don’t allow for any distractions while you’re spraying and wiping surfaces with a disinfectant. 
  • Make a good first impression: The first thing patients see when they enter will determine how they think of your practice. A messy reception area poorly reflects on you. Make sure the entrance area is inviting and the front desk neat and tidy.
  • Reach out to the experts: Most dental practices rely on professional cleaners to help keep regular maintenance in check. While you unwind on Lake Wylie, a specialist cleaning crew can disinfect every nook and cranny of your space.

What level of disinfectant should be used in the dental office?

Investing in proper cleaning and disinfection will show your dental practice in the best light and attract patients. Dental offices should be cleaned with a hospital grade disinfectant which is registered with EPA and FDA.

According to CDC’s Guidance for dental settings, your team should choose a disinfectant that is effective, but still harmless for the people and equipment in the office. This means that it isn’t necessarily the strongest product that will do the trick.

Where do I get trustworthy dental office cleaning service in Charlotte?

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When you book our services, you can rest assured that your cleaning will run smoothly and on schedule. The hospital grade disinfectants we use provide the best defense against pathogens and keep both your team and your clients healthy. Open for business confidently, with no hygiene worries!