How to Get Back to Business after COVID-19

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Now that the coronavirus safety restrictions are loosening, Charlotte businesses are getting ready to open to the public once again. Since proper hygiene is essential in these difficult times, business owners are more preoccupied than ever before with keeping their office spaces clean and germ-free. It seems that enforcing a strict cleaning regimen in your commercial space has never been this important.

To keep employees and customers healthy and safe, proper disinfection before you open for business is in order. Choose a reputable commercial cleaning service in Charlotte which can provide a higher standard of disinfection as well as expert tips on keeping COVID-19 away. Create a manageable cleaning schedule and follow the recommended guidelines to stay protected from infection. In a few easy steps, you’ll have a thoroughly clean, hygienic office space fit for all future business ventures.

Why hire a cleaning company to disinfect my office

How to take action against COVID-19 in the workplace?

Once your company reopens, you want to make sure your team and your clients can conduct business in a safe environment. As a business owner, your responsibility is to minimize health hazards and provide your team and clients with the ultimate protection. Consider these necessary steps to attaining complete cleanliness and annihilating all traces of pathogens in the office:

Have a consultation with an expert

Trained and skilled specialists can give you useful advice on thorough disinfection. They have the expertise to spot shortcomings in your cleaning routine and offer tips on how it could be improved. 

Find a long-lasting disinfection solution

Every company owner should determine what cleaning and disinfection practices will work for their premises in the long run. Apart from making professional suggestions, a crew of specialist cleaners can design and implement the best cleaning plan suitable to your preferences and requirements. 

Keep your staff informed

The staff of your company needs to learn what safety measures to take against COVID-19. Regular hand washing, the use of hand sanitizers and minimizing close contact should all be part of their normal routine during work hours. Also, your team should be educated about what to do if they feel ill.

Get a seal of certification

When a crew of professional cleaners disinfects your office space, you will be provided with a seal of certification which you can exhibit in your window. Proudly tell the world what good care you take of your business.

Why hire a cleaning company to disinfect my office?

Would you like to find out how your business can benefit from hiring expert cleaning technicians in these difficult times? A competent team of cleaners will:

  • Provide services that fit your requirements:  Cleaning pros will create a customized cleaning and disinfection plan for your office.
  • Have the most powerful disinfectants: Dependable technicians are knowledgeable about the properties and dwell time of different disinfectants. Also, they are skilled at using top-quality chemicals in a safe manner.
  • Offer consultations: Cleaning technicians will give you and your staff reliable advice on disinfection.
Why hire a cleaning company to disinfect my office

Which renowned commercial cleaning service in Charlotte should I turn to?

Are you looking for trained and experienced cleaning technicians with the best cleaning tools? Then contact Whystle for first-rate disinfection of your office space. Try our antimicrobial facility treatment or disinfection fogging services to annihilate pathogens from your environment. Don’t worry about the presence of chemicals in your space because our expert crew is trained to use them safely and efficiently.When The Mint Museum opens again, take some time off to browse its extensive collection while we perform our premium disinfection services. We can help restore your peace of mind and protect your employees and clients alike. With a thoroughly clean and properly disinfected office, it will be infinitely easier to bounce back and get your business back on track.

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