• 4 Common Office Cleanliness Problems & Solutions

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    If there’s a silver lining to the coronavirus pandemic, it’s that at least it has raised awareness of the importance of in-depth commercial cleaning and disinfection. By hiring a trusted Charlotte office cleaning service, you not only protect yourself, your employees, and your clients from COVID-19, but also improve your business as a… Read more

  • Office Hygiene Policy 101: How to Ensure Your Workplace is Clean at All Times

    As every successful business owner or manager will tell you, having a clean and hygienic office is absolutely crucial. In addition to safeguarding your and your employees’ health, a spotless office boosts productivity, reduces the chance of workers taking sick leave, and leaves a positive impression on clients and partners. While booking reputable… Read more

  • Who Is Responsible for Office Cleaning?

    If you ask your average business person, an ideal workspace is streamlined, organized and inviting. Such an office provides the perfect backdrop for business triumphs. However, piles of discarded paper don’t simply pick themselves up, nor does your beloved office coffee machine clean itself. In order to keep your workplace sparkling, you need to… Read more

  • 5 Ways Office Hygiene Boosts Productivity

    As a business owner, you know that happy employees do a better job. Fair pay, respectful treatment and safe work conditions are some of the basic tenets of employee happiness. Only after these essential employee needs are met is a business ready to grow and thrive. Taking care of your staff member’s job satisfaction is Read more